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The watercolors that Eric painted in his life time are filled with American tradition. From the Amish of Lancaster County (one of his all-time favorite subjects in his later years), to the beautiful renditions of historic homes, Eric’s passion shone through.

After becoming paralyzed in a 1963 automobile accident, Eric needed to learn how to adapt to his new limitations. He loved spending time painting, and which also happened to bring joy to those around him. Eric was one of the first and most successful handicapped watercolor artists in the country. Eric always drew a small crowd whenever he was able to make it to one of the many arts & crafts shows where he sold his work over several decades.

For Eric, it was always a family business. He loved painting and working in the business nearly every day, and many family members helped in any way they could. We are proud to say that Eric’s legacy lives on today, and we know he has countless friends and admirers of his work who fell in love with his timeless renditions of American culture.

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